Eagles Record a Shutout Against Topsail 1-0


It has been almost a month since we have had a winning result, in fact, our last victims were the Topsail Pirates. It was their senior night and they were all hyped up. We started off with a tank full of energy....playing as we had not in a long time. The ball moved with one and two touches through the Pirate team as if they were not there until we entered the defensive third. At that point we would find a way not to get a shot on goal. The first half ended in a zero to zero tie. Just six minutes into the second half Tony Mack decided enough was enough. He took the ball from near midfield, dribbled past several Topsail defenders, and blistered the ball into the upper ninety of the goal giving us the only goal we needed. TJ White recorded his first full game shutout with 4 saves and the help of outstanding defensive play from Zack Smith, Durwin Hamilton, Noah Wilcox, Dean Morton, and Nick Hancock. Final Ashley 1 Topsail 0

The JV team won by a score of 5-1.

Thursday is our last game of the season.