Senior Night for 21 Screaming Eagles


Ashley Winter Senior Night (2/15/14) for the Class of 2014

To the seniors, thank you for your strong commitment to the athletic program over these past four years. Your hard work, effort, and commitment are appreciated by your coaches, your teammates, your school, and our community.

To the parents, thank you for your constant support, commitment and dedication to our program. You have made a positive difference.

Every year, the seniors hold a special place in our heart as we see another group of Soaring Eagles leave the nest. It’s very rewarding to honor their accomplishments and we wish them all the best in the remainder of their senior year at Eugene Ashley High School and in the years to come as you soar to new heights.


Carmen  Abraham            Girls' Swimming

Hayley  Allen                      Cheerleaders, VARSITY

Preston  Bryant                  Boys' Varsity Basketball

Brittany Butts                    Girls' Varsity Basketball

Katherine Carter              Girls' Swimming

Morgan Davis                    Girls' Varsity Basketball

Rhaven Davis                     Girls' Varsity Basketball

Clotilde Druhen                Gymnastics

Jonna    Fronk                    Cheerleaders, VARSITY 

Kyndall Green                   Girls' Swimming

Felecity  Havens                Girls' Varsity Basketball

Caroline Haywood           Cheerleaders, VARSITY 

Emma   Keenan                Cheerleaders, VARSITY 

Frank     Keller                    Boys' Varsity Basketball

Laura     Kieb                       Gymnastics

Bruce    Kopka                   Wrestling

Caroline Lewis                   Cheerleaders, VARSITY 

Eli Prindable                       Boys' Varsity Basketball

Kail Rich                               Girls' Varsity Basketball

Vaughn Rizzo                     Boy's Swimming

Marshall Skelton                Boy's Swimming

Joely      Smith                    Cheerleaders, VARSITY 

Leah      Storniola              Girls' Swimming

Margaret (Meg) Taylor       Girls' Swimming

Ethan    Tello                       Wrestling

Dominique Thompson    Cheerleaders, VARSITY 

Carmen  Westra               Girls' Swimming

Trey (Carl) Williford         Boys' Varsity Basketball

Micheal (Luke)  Wilson  Wrestling

Stephen Wilson               Boy's Swimming

Paige     Witchen              Cheerleaders, VARSITY 

Joseph  Wood                  Boy's      Swimming