Hogan Named Women's Volleyball Coach


Hogan takes over the Ashley volleyball team after spending the last five years as head of the varsity program at West Johnston High School. With his kids all moved out of the house, Hogan and his wife decided to move to the beach and already has a foot in the door with some of the club programs in the area.

“I helped Hoggard Coach Ron Strickland with the junior Olympics and then in the spring I coached the Williston Middle School team,” Hogan said. “We’ve embraced it and it’s not something new for us at all. I think the challenge for us is making that transition from the previous coaches to what we like to do.

“The big thing is to get our girls to buy in. A lot of the fundamentals are the same and some things will be different, but we had our first workout earlier today and the girls really jumped on the chance to take control of this program.”

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