Lightning Strikes in Different Ways


Without the use the use of five potential starters (injury, illness, just cleared by physicians after illness, and late enrollment) The Eagles were able to muster a 1-1 tie against Jack Britt in 52 minutes of play for the team’s season opener. The Eagles came out on fire with a Drew Walters’ goal on a Durwin Hamilton assist just 1 minute 28 seconds into the match. That was not all the electricity in the atmosphere last night. Unfortunately just 2 minutes 34 seconds later on a defensive error the Pirates were able to even the score. Play went back and forth for the rest of the first half and 12 minutes of the second half. All chances created by both teams were squashed by the goal keepers. Ryan Keller had 3 saves and TJ White had 2 saves. The Eagles managed to take 7 shots with four of them being on target. The defense allowed Jack Britt 8 shots with 6 of them being on target. Unfortunately Mother Nature came into to play last night to add a little more electricity to the season opener. After waiting for about 45 minutes to allow the storm to pass, the officials decided game over. The varsity team will be in the Battle at the Beach Tournament this weekend. They will take on Richland HighFriday afternoon and White Oak on Saturday morning.