Eagles Struggle Early in Loss to Bucks



RAEFORD | As the season got underway, Ashley High School football coach Mike Propst knew his Screaming Eagles might struggle at the beginning.

Friday night's season opener at Hoke County proved him correct, as the home-standing Bucks put away a 34-6 victory with two touchdowns to open the second half.

"I hate beating a dead horse about it … but from an experience standpoint, we have a lack of that," Propst said. "You could tell we just weren't ready for game speed. We just haven't had guys that have done that."

The Screaming Eagles avoided the shutout in the fourth quarter on a Cham Carey to Herbert Williams 28-yard touchdown pass, but it was far too late to change the tide. Still, Propst saw pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

"We had a field goal blocked (at the end of the first half), and it was a decent kick but they got a piece of it," he said. "Turned it over on downs another time. We had some bright spots. But it was good to get that score at the end."