Jay Desnoyers Continues to Shine at Bellarmine


....The former star at Ashley saw a solid amount of playing time during his freshman season, but injuries have plagued him since.

During his sophomore year, nagging heel and leg injuries caused Desnoyers to miss most of the season. He expected to spend quality time on the field as a junior, but he tore his hamstring one week before the start of the season. It forced him to miss the entire year.

"It definitely got to me," Desnoyers said. "I feel into a little bit of a rut, and I decided to step away. I'm not a quitter, I'm really not, but it was something so extreme that it forced me to leave the team for a while."

Desnoyers' time away from the team allowed him to think about a lot of things, but he always ran circles back to lacrosse.

He constantly stayed in communication with the coaches and asked them if he could rejoin the squad in 2015. He is now grateful for the opportunity to finish out his senior season.

"I technically have one year of eligibility left, but with the injuries and stuff I think I'll be ready to move on." Desnoyers said. "This season has been great, and I'm really enjoying my time back and this experience as a senior, but I will be ready."

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